Kelmet 8 Tefl Lifestory of Ahmed *, 17 years old The case of Ahmed, 17 years old, deserves attention.

He has been living in the street with his older sister, Soraya, for a long time. She has been protecting him ever since. Their parents died and they were separated from their six other siblings. One of their sister was entrusted to an aunt; another was placed in an orphanage. In the last few years, Ahmed has been placed in various shelters, was imprisoned, and no longer wants to stay away from the friends he met in the street.

His sister Soraya suddenly died of a drug overdose. Ahmed saw it with his own eyes and his distant family refused to recognize the body of his sister. She was buried in a common grave in the cemetery and he found himself alone in the street.

His aunt refused to take care of him. She has compared him to her own son, also a street child, but who is now playing in a football club.

Then he went to his elder brother hoping that he would be welcomed there. But his brother stole from him and beat him up. So Ahmed decided to return, once again, in the street. There, he found his younger brother Eslam. He decided to save him and took him to a shelter; something he is not able to do for himself. Ahmed is still in the street. Sometimes he manages to escape, most of the time he fails to get out but he keeps trying.

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