Tefl Kelmet 10 Scene of life

S. grew up in a shelter, lonely, receiving no visit. She wanted to learn how to read and write, and to be a responsible person. She refused any form of illegal marriage and waited to meet the man who would become her husband to officially marry him and have a family with.

She is 23 years old now. She lives on the street with her husband and little girl but is also concerned with the fact that all mothers should be able to provide the bare necessities to their children. She pays very close attention to hygiene, to be presentable and encourages her husband to find work.

For a time, she managed to maintain her own small business selling vegetables. Although the project was not viable, she has not given up. She looked for another way to invest and earn a living by selling tea and coffee in the street.

Today her business is going well and S. keeps going. She dreams of having her own place to live in order to leave the street. She succeeded. She now rents a room. She says she now has the family she has missed her all life -a husband, children to whom she tries to give everything she did not have: a monthly income and a roof over their head.

Marwa El Shafei Hassan Abd, Psychologist

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