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International Samusocial in Egypt (SSIEG)

SSIEG is the local office of Samusocial International (SSI). It was founded in 2008 and this local office is one of the fourteen operational departments of the Samusocial in the world.
Created in Paris in 1998 by the Dr. Xavier Emmanuelli, SSI is a French association supporting local development initiatives against the exclusion of homeless persons in dire straits. To know more about SSI please visit: www.samu-social-international.com

SSIEG acts for the homeless children and teenagers in Cairo. It is the first step in a process starting from emergency towards insertion, and it ensures today the medical and psychological care of about 350 children every year. SSIEG aims at providing answers to social, medical and psychological emergencies of the homeless children and youth in Cairo.


In 2014, according to the United Nation Program for Development, Egypt was the 110th poorest country in the world on 187th. For several years now, an unprecedented demographic growth and a phenomenon of urban migration are visible in this country where 40% of the population is under 30.
Cairo, capital of 25 million inhabitants, is an attractive center where urbanization is often uncontrolled and still growing. In this context, the city of Cairo encounters inevitable issues such as overpopulation, poverty, and thus, social exclusion leading to the phenomenon of homeless children and young adults.
Most of these children and young adults end up on the street fleeing abuse and violence in their own home, often in a context of extreme poverty. However, without the protection of their family or of a guardian, those homeless children and young adults find themselves in extreme vulnerability and are exposed to violence, drugs and several forms of exploitation. There has been no consensus on the number of homeless children and youth in Egypt but according to an outcome of a survey implemented by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in January 2015, the number of homeless children in Egypt are 16,019.
The political and economic turmoil of these last years had a strong impact on the situation of homeless children and youth in Egypt. Indeed, ever since the social and political uprising in the country, homeless children and youth have been specifically stigmatized and are even now more vulnerable than ever.

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