Awareness Raising


In partnership with local organizations, international organisations and/or networks (Egyptian Child Protection Network, UNICEF, NCCM), SSIEG implements and participates to awareness and advocacy activities in order to

a) Explain the phenomenon and to participate in changing the way society perceives and deals with homeless children and youth.
b) Strengthen the fight against social exclusion of homeless children and youth in Cairo by means of combating stigma and discrimination they suffer.
c) Reveal and clarify to the authorities, civil society and the general public the hardships of homeless children and youth to break the behavior of indifference or contempt that these children are often met with and have to endure.
d) Develop a better understanding of the phenomenon of homeless children and youth in order to contribute to more favorable social policies to these children.

Samusocial International also speaks internationally in forums, seminars and media all over the world.

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