Referrals and Support to Partner organizations


SSIEG has signed several Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with organizations and entities working in the field and that could add up to the mission and work of Samusocial. Since no organization can end or have a tremendous impact on homeless children and youth alone, SSIEG depends on its network of organizations for referrals and vice versa. (Please go to “Our Partners” section for more details).

– Trainings to local NGOs : Samusocial International Egypte offers training sessions to local NGOs working on the field, depending on their needs and requests. Part of SSIEG team has received trainings as trainers and directly implement sessions aim to improve the quality of services provided to homeless children and youth and to promote better coordination of activities at all levels of intervention with children (street work, day care centers, shelters…).

– Medical Consultation to NGOs : Depending on a prior agreement with its partners, SSIEG offers NGOs serving homeless children and youth medical consultations and regular visits to check up on the children and make referrals to hospitals if needed.

– Common Projects with partners : Samusocial International Egypte and some of its partners design common projects, in order to reach common operational goals, to strengthen each other’s practices and coordination of services. For these projects, the partners jointly look for funds facilitating the implementation of the related services and activities that each of them implements.

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