Street Outreach



Mobile units: The teams carry out night and day rounds in the streets of Cairo, in areas previously identified as children gathering areas, to provide medical, psychological, social and educational care to the children and youth in order to facilitate their rehabilitation process.
Each team consists of a doctor, a social worker and a driver/social assistant; a psychologist assists the team in monitoring, approaching and understanding the encountered children and youth.

– Medical care : care, treatment and referral to health facilities;
Taking care of the body, when children and youth in street situations have no access to care, when they are facing violence, when their living conditions and hygiene are deplorable, is the first possible comfort to provide to the child, the first hope of creating a semblance of confidence. Medical care goes far beyond medical treatment. It creates trust links with the child, provides comfort, safety, contributes to his/her “reconstruction”, but also restores his/her dignity as a human being.

-Psycho-social care: individual interviews, clinical observation, individual follow up, referral to emergency shelter, support for reinsertion projects;There is a wide psychosocial heterogeneity within children and youth living in street situations: each child is in a particular situation according to his/her age, his/her history, the reasons for his/her presence on the street, his/her difficulties and his/her life skills: child / adolescent, boy / girl, level of education, nature and degree of conflict and breakage with the family, drug addiction…
The relationship with the child is determined by the child himself and based on the confidence given by the child. Professionally this approach is undertaken according to the child’s needs and has to be constantly re-adjusted according to each child’s developmental stages in his/her life.

-Educational care: group awareness discussions to reduce the susceptibility of the children to physical, psychological and social risks of the street; individual support to reinforce their “life skills” and allow them to regain confidence in themselves by promoting learning and stimulating their reinsertion processes.

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