Our goals

Main goal

The purpose of the action of SSI in Egypt is to strengthen the fight against social exclusion in urban areas in Egypt, and contribute to a supportive human development. Respecting human dignity and in solidarity with the most vulnerable and to fight against exclusion involves:

  •  Offering services tailored to their specific emergency and rehabilitation needs/li>
  •  Creating or re- create a social bond with the people ” left out ” of society
  •  Restoring confidence in them, the will and the capacity to go to servicess
Specific objectives

The objectives of the SSI intervention program in Egypt aims at improving the care provided to children and youth in street situations :

  • Children and youth receive daily assistance of proximity, adapted and delivered by professionals ;
  • Children and youth at risk / in need are referred to specialized structures,
  • Children benefit from professionalized assistance programs, institutional and / or associations;
  •  Governments, civil society and development partners better understand the phenomenon of children in street situations and are mobilized to further integrate them it in their policies and actions

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