Our values, principles and methods

Samusocial International values

Samusocial International Egypte implements Samusocial International’s charter based on the following core values:

Dignity : a moral status inherent to any human being. No force or situation should deprive anyone from this dimension, this manifestation of humanity. In all times, one should do everything to preserve, maintain and secure it.

Solidarity : health and social institutions, protection mechanisms, surges of compassion and natural empathy, all exist with the aim to share, as a duty, caring for others and to try, under any circumstances, to help others — within the remit of individual and collective capacities.

Citizenship :having rights and duties within the society to which one belongs. Citizenship is secured by universal human rights..

Samusocial International principles

Samusocial has developed a specific method for social emergency in order to reach victims of exclusion. It is based on the following principles:

  • Emergency :not only medical , but medical-psychological-social ;
  • Constant availability : to be reachable at all times
  • Mobility : to reach out to excluded populations, on their territories
  • Professionalism : to rely on trained teams

Samusocial International methodology


Outreach mobile teams  :

-Reach out to children and youth in their living environment in a medical vehicle.

-Offer social, medical and psychological services based on the needs of the children and youth in street situations in order to establish a trustful relationship.

-Listen and propose: a multidisciplinary team consisting of a doctor, a social worker and a driver, sometimes accompanied by a psychiatrist as well, provide their help to those deprived of their basic needs to acquire a decent life, such as healthcare, physical well-being, shelter and protection.

-Document: analyzing the children’s situation though an intervenetion framework, focusing on their medical, social and psychological state. The information is documented in files after each round to keep track of any decisions or measures taken in the interest of the child.

Relay structures :

Refer the children who are willing to be redirected. SIE is part of a support network. It redirects its beneficiaries when possible and desired, to different types of relay structures :

-daycare centres


Networking with local partners who are offered training sessions, exchanging services and experiences. SIE is part of the Egyptian Child Protection Network, lead by UNICEF. It participates by exchanging information, communicating, coordinating and sharning advocacy tools.



Through the ECPN network and its own channels, SIE takes part in informing national public powers and international organizations of the reasons leading to children and young people in street conditions. Via its network, SIE advocates for this excluded population on an international scale during seminars and through the media.

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